AwayNdesign is an online furniture store for the creatives and professionals that need and want a space to produce Great Works! When putting this business together we knew that catering to those driven in their craft is our set goal. That may be the Interior Designer, Draftsman, Art Professional or just anyone exploring a new hobby.

Some of the artists on our team started from sketch pad to knee, to the kitchen table to their very own Art Desk; which for us is a meaningful milestone. It also gave an official presence, more authenticity, a ready to begin and build concepts attitude. When you are driven to create something original, exquisite and profound the process can be a journey and therapeutic as well. When you begin to create, brainstorm and be in your “zone” there is a place of foundation.

For us, that's with the main component; “Where you Work”. We pride ourselves with bringing you quality top brands of drafting tables, craft tables and more. No need to weave through multiple unwanted accessories were focusing on those who need a place of expansion, to be innovative, imagine and be comfortable while AwayNdesign.