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Workflow and the Creative Process for Creatives

By Awayndesign June 12, 2020

 Workflow and the Creative Process for Creatives


 All creatives tend to follow a particular workflow that suits them. Following a proper workflow is necessary for creatives; otherwise, they end up with an unpleasant and challenging situation.

Every creative has a workflow process that moves them through the creation and development phases to the completion of the project. In the same way, “sewists” and “crafters” also create their sewn and crafted works of art following the same guidelines and procedures as any other creative.

In this blog post, we will take you through the workflow and creative process for sewers and crafters, simply guiding and explaining each phase of their working process.

Four Phases of the Workflow

The whole development process runs down into four phases.

1- Ideation
2- Creation
3- Review and Approval
4- Product Launch

Let’s explore each of them individually.


1. Ideation

 The very first step of the workflow process is called the “Ideation” phase. In this step, defining and designing a collection of clothing, or any other required items is done by the creative.

Only the creation of ideas, sketches, and blueprints take place in this initial stage. This step helps the creative to get on with the program and understand it better. Brainstorming plays a vital role in this stage of the workflow.

In most cases, the creatives want their collection to have a similar-going style through all their products. The drafting process helps them as each product’s sketch, or blueprint is already committed to their memory by the end of this phase.

 2. Creation

The second stage of the creative process is the “Creation” phase. At this point, the creative already has a firm idea about his new project, and they can start with the implementation phase of the work immediately.

This phase is the most time-consuming stage of the workflow, and so it is always better to manage your time by scheduling timelines and creating deadlines for each step of the way.

For example, there should be a timeline placed for the gathering and assembling of the materials and other required tools. After that, a separate schedule and deadline should be set for the sewing and crafting process as they take longer than other parts of the creation phase decisively.


3. Review and Approval

“Review and Approval” is the third step of the workflow phase. After the creatives complete the implementation process, they need to review and readjust their products again accordingly.


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