HELLO!!….February, Its Time for Black History Month 2021

As many of us across the World have had, and are having difficult times here at AwayNdesign we still want to Celebrate Black History Month with Creatives that Pioneer our Generation.

We set to bring you some info and resources to spotlight Great Imagination and Inspiration.

1st Up we have: 

Orlando Robinson Founder and Inventor of MODESK

Orlando Robinson Inventor of MODESK

Robinson was born in Detroit, Michigan served in the Military and has also started a Non Profit called "Our Community Resurgence"

The backstory of this Great Entrepreneur is he was working on his Laptop when it fell accidentally and after much funds spent on repair, figured there must be a better solution to work from your Laptop anywhere more comfortably. 

Here is a quick walkthrough for what he came up with:

 To read more of this story and to find information about Robinson and his product click the Folowing Resources:


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